Haiti: The End of Martelly’s Regime, What’s Next?

By Wadner Pierre
Haitians bid farewell to  President Michel J. Martelly.  Martelly left office without a successor to replace him. The former president tried at the last few months of his 5-year-term to organize elections, unfortunately, they were plagued by massive frauds and irregularities according to reports.

In the next coming months,  Haitians will need to elect a new president to lead their country through a democratic process according to Haiti’s Constitution. There is no doubt that unity among Haitians from all walks of life will be crucial to end this political quagmire.

As Haitians trying to figure out the best way to move their country out of this man-made political crisis, it is important that the voice of the people on the streets be heard.

Although there is a power vacuum, a new page in Haiti’s political history is being written by its resilient men and women. Few months since the Haiti’s Conseil Electoral Provisoire Provisional (Provisional Electoral Council) (CEP) published the controversial results for the presidential elections,  second round legislatives and local elections, Haitians have gained the streets to demand that the CEP investigate the then alleged electoral frauds, which no longer mere allegations.

It is important to point out that former President Martelly was himself elected in a controversial presidential election in 2011 with the support of the international community.



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