Pres. Obama: Zaevion Dobson ‘Was a hero at 15’



In a heroic act, 15-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., high school football sophomore Zaevion Dobson shielded his three female friends from being killed by gunmen who were randomly shooting at them.

None of Dobson’s three female friends were hurt Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch told Associated Press.

One Dobson’s, Kiara Rucker told told CBS affiliate WVLT,“If it wasn’t for Zaevion, if he would have just ran off the porch, we would have probably been shot.”

Rausch told AP the shootings that killed Dobson, began on Thursday night  is a senseless act that must be stopped. He added a 46-year-old woman Lisa Perry was also the victim of the shooting spree. “She is expected to survive,” said the police Chief.

Dobson’s brother, Zach Dobson told NBC affiliate WBIR that it was too late when him and others had realized that his brother had been shot.

“He was laying there, and I just pick him up and put him in my arms, ”said Dobson who referred to his dead brother. “He was dead. Unfortunately, he wasn’t lucky, but he saved two lives,” said Dobson’s brother while mourning the death of his brother.

According to Knoxville News Sentinel, Faith Gordon, one of the girls who was protected by Dobson from the Thursday night gunfire wrote on her Twitter account, “He died laying on top of me.” he added, “That’s my brother. Rest easy, Zae. I’ll never forget you.”

In Twitter post, President Barack Obama praised Dobson’s heroic act by saving the lives of his friends from gunshots. The president wrote, “Zaevion Dobson died saving three friends from getting shot. He was a hero at 15. What’s our excuse for not acting?”

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 7.26.18 AM

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero told AP that Dobson “was really one of  the [city’s] successful success stories.” She added, “Involved in sports, a mentee of one of our organizations in town. But still he falls victim to this.”

Knoxville has lost one of his sons, many other American cities have lost and will continue to lose their sons and daughters because of lack of stricter gun control in America. Dobson’s funeral is scheduled for this Saturday. How many more funerals will take place before America take action to prevent another Dobson’s from slaughtering by criminal gun owners like 23-year-old Brandon Perry?

This story was aslo reported by  The Washington Post‘s Peter Holley.

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