Why Shouldn’t Pres. Obama Change his Strategy to Contain and Destroy #ISIL?

Photo from President Obama’s Twitter account profile.

I will definitely encourage anyone to read Aaron David Miller’s entire piece on Foreign Policy It’s funny, but it may also capture the reality.  Miller wrote, “France and even Russia are doubling down on their fight against the Islamic State. But don’t expect the president to shift his current strategy.” But, why should Obama change his strategy? Hasn’t it been working?

I disagree with the idea that ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬ presents a great opportunity for President Obama to change his strategy in the war against ISIS by sending U.S. ground troops to contain and destroy the terrorist group.

As a fact, I think this a great time for world’s superpowers to come together as one to fight the common enemy, which is the Islamic State. This is by far the best way to move forward in destroying IS, and finding a diplomatic and political solution to end the crisis in Syria.

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