Meet Stephen R. Stafford II: The Triple-Major Student and Future Doctor at Morehouse College

By Wadner Pierre

Photo credit:
Stephen Stafford. Photo credit

While studies or statistics often show the struggles that black students have to overcome  to succeed academically compared to white students, Stephen R. Stafford II  from Lithonia, Georgia, has refused to be part of those studies.

Thanks to his wonderful mother who have homeschooled  and supported him in his early age in his quest for academic success, at 12-year-old Staffor was officially enrolled at Morehouse College. According to Black,  this year, at age 17, Stafford will be graduated “with triple-major in pre-med, mathematics and computer science.” 

Summarizing his achievement, 17-year-old Stafford said, “I look back and see all the stuff I’ve done. I know, yes, I’ve done a lot.” Stafford  added, “But I can do a whole lot more. I want to live up to my potential.”

Stafford wants to live up his dream. As he said, “Potential doesn’t have a limit. It’s like a rainbow. You can constantly keep chasing it and you will never get to it.

“I know I don’t have any limits as long as I keep trying,” concluded Stafford.

The original story was published  by You can read the full article on their website.

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