Onore Yo: Haiti Honors Legendary Singer Yole Derose

Haitian artist and government officials honored Yole Derose, the window of  Haiti’s legendary artist Ansy Derose.

It was a time for artist and officials to thank Ms. Derose for her contribution to Haitian culture. It was one of the rare and wonderful night that reunited musicians, singers. It was a great occasion to honor one of Haiti’s beloved singers, Yole Derose.

Haitian culture is one the best in the world. Let’s continue celebrate those who keep it alive throughout those difficult years in the history of the world’s First Black Republic.

It was great to see President Michel Martelly on the stage singing with Ms. Derose. We may have different political views, we may have different political ideologies, what we can’t deny is that we are all Haitians unified by a unique culture. And that night supports this statement.

Ann Onore yo pandan yo vivan.

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