A Letter to my Fellow Young Diplomats Forum London Alumni 2014

Photo credit: Joana Jesus

My dear  fellow Young and Future Diplomats,

It was my greatest privilege to meet all of you at the Young Diplomats Forum in London. I was honor to also serve as your official photographer.

I have learned so much from you and from our outstanding career diplomats and politicians. I cannot be more proud of you and your hard-work  which has tremendously contributed to make this week a unique and thrilling one. YDF London was my second forum, and I can tell you from my experience that it was completely different from the one in Mexico.

Each YDF is different, you meet new future diplomats/leaders, new career diplomats and politicians, and most importantly, you have chance to share your ideas, acquire new knowledge on global issues from different angles. In addition, YDF events represent a unique opportunity for young diplomats/leaders like us to expand our network to networking. After all, that is what YDF is all about.

Mexico was a wonderful and learning experience, however, London makes me think about my responsibility in this globalized world. After all I have learned from you, our guest speakers and from different research I did for my group presentations, I have been asking myself, when and why should I be for a diplomatic solution or military one? How can I work to bring about change? How can I be silent when others are living under the most horrendous and inhumane conditions? As a future diplomat what can I do right now to contribute to make our world a better place? Those questions are from my participation at YDF London.

I hope you use the knowledge you have acquired in this week-long conference to improve lives of the most vulnerable ones in your community, your country and at position  you will have privilege to serve your country or a international organizations as United Nations. I hope you use this knowledge to face the challenges that will arise at home and abroad.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I look forward to meeting you either in London for those living there, in your country, who knows where life will take us. We may be able to reunite in Athens, Greece next year as it was for some of us who attended the YDFMexico. I wish you well.

May peace, love and justice always be with you all and your loved ones.

Most Sincerely,

Wadner Pierre

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